• the lands

  • the lands

The peculiarity of Terre di Fauma have guided our work for generations

Among the generous lands of the ancient "Feudo di Fauma", between Agrigento and Realmonte, extends the farm of "Tenute Cuffaro". More than 14 hectares with an enviable south-east exposure, 12 of which are planted with vineyards and the rest with olive trees. We are on a plateau 300m above sea level, that of the Scala dei Turchi to be precise, but sheltered all around by hills: a condition that guarantees an ideal micro climate because exposure to the sun and excellent ventilation make the vines and grapes naturally healthy.
The soil is of medium texture and very dark, typical of soils naturally rich in humus: the physical and agronomic characteristics of the soil combined with climatic conditions promote a high quality production. Each plot of land is expertly cultivated using methods that combine the traditional artisan philosophy of the company with modern practicality with the aim of a lush and always genuine production. Fertilization is carried out using leguminous green manure, with field beans, alternated with the use of organic fertilizers. Thanks to the healthy exposure of the vineyards, phytosanitary treatments are limited to the exclusive use of sulphur.
The grapes are grown on espaliers with guyot pruning. Each vine, as in the traditional cultivation of saplings, is located at a distance of about 1m from each other to encourage the production of a few bunches per vine, but of very generous quality. This production philosophy is supported by a strategy that respects the regulations in force and by direct control of the entire process, from the cultivation phase to vinification.

5 lands - a total of 12 hectares of vineyards

Poggio Rosario

4.5 hectares
Nero d'Avola

2.05 hectares
Catarratto bianco lucido

Zotta delle rose

0.6 hectares
Nero d'Avola

Poggio Mùrria

1.3 hectares
Nero d'Avola

Dosso dei venti

0.25 hectares
Catarratto bianco lucido

Poggio Boràngio

3.3 hectares


Tenute Cuffaro di Filippo Cuffaro
Società Semplice Agricola

Contrada Fauma - 92100 Agrigento (AG)

Tel. +39 331 577 08 05 - Partita IVA 02968820841

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